​Prepare your visit

At Jungle Family Park, we strive to provide a safe and fun experience for all of our visitors. Below are some important guidelines to ensure everyone enjoys their time at the park responsibly.


General information and recommendations:

​Admission rights

Access to the facilities is exclusively reserved for our clients. Which includes the possibility of restricting access to those who do not meet the requirements for the safe carrying out of activities.

Single use ticket

The ticket allows entry and exit only once.

Under 18 years old

They must be under the supervision of their parents or legal guardians.

Appropriate footwear and clothing

The use of sports shoes and appropriate clothing is mandatory to access the attractions.

Food available

The park has a wide range of food and drinks for users.

Cameras and mobiles

They can be used but at your own risk.

Tour without guides

The monitoring staff ensure the correct use of the facilities. They are not companions of visitors.

Entry refund

In the event that our staff decides that they cannot or should not carry out the activity.

Prohibitions in Jungle Family:

​Hanging from containment nets

Avoid climbing nets designed for protection at heights. Or try to go off the beaten path of networks.

Talk on the mobile

When you are walking through any of the nets.

Smoking inside Jungle Family

Smoking within the Park enclosure is prohibited, both on the routes and in the rest of the enclosure.


Damage our park

Make responsible use of the facilities, without hanging from trees or pulling out plants.

Pet access

Animals are not allowed.

Jumping on platforms

And/or using the facilities in an improper and dangerous manner.


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