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Our sea of jumping nets

For families and thrill seekers alike.

Located between Plaza Mayor and IKEA in Malaga, Spain, Jungle Family is not your run-of-the-mill amusement park. With over 13,000 square meters of excitement, it is Europe's largest network of metal anchoring systems, simulating a treetop adventure like no other. This is where fun, family and adventure come together.

A Paradise in the Treetops

At Jungle Family, safety is a top priority. Our park features a fascinating network of interconnected nets, complete with comfortable resting places, allowing children and parents to explore above ground. It's an adventure that requires parents to guide their children through the treetop maze, creating an exciting, family-centered experience.

​Natural Attractions Galore

But that is not all.
Jungle Family has more than 30 natural attractions that are not mechanized, offering a unique and unforgettable experience. Let's take a closer look at some of them: 

The Great Dry River

Imagine a "river" full of laughter and inflatable floats. Kids can't resist the thrill of floating on these inflatable donuts. (Banana Wristband)

Monkey Jump

For the most bouncy fun, head to Salto de Monos. This attraction is a collection of trampolines ideal for children to show off their acrobatic skills. (All wristbands)

The Sabana

The most fun inflatable with space for everyone. Ideal for taking those endearing photos of our little ones.  (All wristbands)

Jungle Jeep

Jungle Family takes you on an off-road adventure like no other with the Jungle Jeep. Explore the jungle, navigate challenging terrain and enjoy the thrills of a true safari.  (All wristbands)

Exotic Lianas

For adrenaline lovers, our Exotic Lianas offer you the thrill of zip lines. Glide between the trees and feel the thrill of being suspended in the air.  (All wristbands)

Rainbow Log

Ready for a rainbow of fun? Our Rainbow Log is a horizontal log with colored ropes that works like a swing. Get on and enjoy an exciting swing through the trees. (All wristbands)

The Children's Forest

Even the little ones, under 120 cm, can enjoy Jungle Family in the The Children's Forest. This special area is designed for young children and includes slides, seesaws and many more adventures. (Papaya Wristband)

Sea of ​​Nets

We invite you to enjoy our exciting "Sea of ​​Nets", a system of interconnected ropes and networks in a natural environment that guarantees fun and safety. Live the unique experience of exploring among the treetops. We are waiting for you to live unforgettable adventures! (Banana Wristband)

Jungle Snack

For those moments when you need to replenish your energy, Jungle Family has the Jungle Snack, a bar where you will find soft drinks, ice cream, hot dogs and delicious sandwiches.


We offer an extensive menu for our customers.

Options for celiacs available.

Wristbands for children

At Jungle Family Park, access to the attractions is organized using colored wristbands. These wristbands indicate which attractions are suitable for each visitor based on their height and age.

Papaya Wristbands: Less than 120 cm in height
Banana Wristbands: More than 120 cm in height

Children with a papaya wristband can access the bouncy castle (in specific shifts), the trampoline near the castle, three individual trampolines, mini golf and various rides, swings and slides. For attractions such as the sea of nets, the high trampolines and the big dry river, a banana wristband is required.

The Little Forest (Papaya Wristbands) / Zip Lines (All Wristbands) / Rainbow Log (All Wristbands) / Bouncy Castle (All Wristbands during Specific Turns) / Trampoline Near the Castle (Papaya Wristbands) / Three Individual Trampolines (All Wristbands) / Mini Golf and Various Walkways, Swings, and Slides (All Wristbands) / Net Sea (Banana Wristband) / High-Altitude Trampolines (Banana Wristband) / The Great Dry River (Banana Wristband) / Jungle Jeep (All Wristbands)

Want to explore all attractions?

View our Virtual Tour 360º

You can see Jungle Family from the sky and from inside the attractions!

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Our virtual tour has an interactive menu where you can directly access the points of interest that catch your attention. The 360º walk is ideal for planning birthday celebrations and getting an idea of ​the large size of our park with more than 13,000m2.​

Join the adventure!

At Jungle Family, we believe that fun is at the heart of every great memory. We offer exciting birthday events full of laughter and adventure. Our school visits provide the perfect opportunity for children to stay active, have fun and learn in a safe environment. Whether it's a birthday celebration or a school trip, Jungle Family guarantees unforgettable moments..

So what are you waiting for? Join us at Jungle Family and experience the thrill at its finest. Whether you're looking for a family day out or an action-packed celebration, we're here to make your experience unforgettable.