Your birthday at Junge Family

Birthday Packages

With a minimum of 5 invited children with a reserved menu, the birthday child gets in for free. If the group reaches 20 people, there is an additional 10% discount on each entry.

Contact us about extra discounts at 

Children over 120 cm   25€.-                                    
Children below 120 cm 15€.-                                      

Adults:                          15€.-                     

The birthday child enters for free.

The length of stay is indefinite until the park closes.

The park has staff, who direct and encourage users in the use of the attractions, but it is the parents/adults who are responsible for minors.

General rates

Enjoy until Closing

Your length of stay at Jungle Family Park is flexible. You can enjoy all of our exciting attractions and activities until we close the park. So make the most of your special day!

Monitoring staff for a Safe Experience

At Jungle Family Park, safety is paramount. Our dedicated instructors are present at all times to supervise and organize the attractions, ensuring everyone has a safe and fun experience. Parents and accompanying adults are responsible for their children while they enjoy the park.

Celebrate your birthday at Jungle Family Park and create unforgettable memories with friends and family in a unique environment.

We hope to see you soon at our exciting theme park!

View our Virtual Tour 360º

You can see Jungle Family from the sky and from inside the attractions!

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