​Collaborate with Jungle Family

Are you an influencer with over 5,000 followers and a passion for family fun?
We are looking for collaborators like you! 
Join us to share the excitement and adventure of Jungle Family with your audience.

Micro influencers who work with passion, creating quality content in our impressive facilities. It's a perfect place to record and share with you and our audience!


Necessary actions

For access to our establishment

Publish Reels

A series of 2 or 3 reels.

Featured Stories

Leave permanent featured stories on your profile.

A photo post

Show and promote our establishment.

What we offer

On our platforms

A Reel of your visit

In our establishment.

A collaborative post

Which will have exposure to our audience.

​Blog post

We are interested in creating links to our website, to yours too!

Objectives and Benefits:

Our collaboration seeks to show the essence of Jungle Family through your unique experiences. By joining us, you will have exclusive access to our facilities and special events. In return, we hope you share inspiring and joyful content that resonates with your audience. This opportunity will allow you to expand your reach and become part of an enthusiastic and dynamic community.

Requirements for Influencers:

To be considered, you must have a minimum of 5,000 followers and a history of engaging, quality content. We are looking for collaborators who can bring a new perspective to our brand and who share our values ​​of fun, safety and family enjoyment.

Guidelines for Content Creation:

Your content should be authentic, creative and reflect the happiness and excitement of the Jungle Family experiences. We expect publications on blogs, social networks, vlogs or any format that best suits your style, always respecting the safety and conduct rules of our park.

Frequent questions:

¿Cuál es el requisito mínimo de seguidores para aplicar? 
Un mínimo de 5000 seguidores en una o más plataformas de redes sociales.

¿Qué beneficios obtendré al colaborar con Jungle Family? 
Acceso exclusivo a nuestras instalaciones, eventos especiales y la oportunidad de crecer tu audiencia.

How are influencers selected? We look for influencers who display authenticity, creativity, and a strong alignment with Jungle Family values.

¿Qué tipo de contenido se espera de mí?

 Buscamos contenido genuino y atractivo que capture la esencia de la experiencia Jungle Family, siempre dentro de un marco de seguridad y respeto.

Si tienes dudas, rellena este formulario para realizar una consulta especializada, también puedes enviarnos un email a info@junglefamily.es

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